STEM Programme

STEM Programme

Mental Development Programme

Mental Development programme suitable for 2-12 year old children. It is the most comprehensive training for the left and right brain. It provides hands-on experience through a variety of themes that incorporate general knowledge, numerical skill, spatial awareness, scientific concepts, geometry and new vocabularies, all of which relate to our daily life.

  • Increase the application ability of observation and recognition
  • Enhance metacognitive ability
  • Cultivate and develop a good logical thinking as foundation
  • Formative education based on actual operation


Early Childhood Programme

The STEM Early Childhood Programme is created for 4-6 year old children. It has several modules for each 4, 5 and 6 year old children. The programme provides a systematic syllabus for children to develop the skills and to learn the basic knowledge of Science.

For the sake of making your children become more competitive in the future, this programme is used to develop children’s core competencies to stimulate the enthusiasm of learning. By hands-on practice, it improves your children’s concentration, analysis, team working and communication skills, as well as to inspire children to discover problems. Therefore, the ability of problem solving gets enhanced.

After the completion of the programme, your children will be certified by Widad University College.


Kids Coding Programme

The STEM Kids Coding Programme is suitable for 6-12 year old children. As the Industrial Revolution 4.0 continues to evolve, thus coding plays a significant role to improve competency of children.

Kids Coding Programme provides a complete introduction to programming for kids. It covering these fundamentals as below:

  • Sequences
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Conditions
  • Events
  • Algorithms
  • Variables
  • Logical thinking

Kids Coding Programme plays the code with cards, it does not involve children in:

  • Computer
  • Tablets
  • Smartphone

Therefore, children can explore and learn coding in easy and interesting methods.

After the completion of the programme, your children will be certified by St. John University.


Renewable Energy Programme

The STEM Renewable Energy Programme is suitable for 7 to 15 year old children. This programme let the children explore the scientific knowledge of renewable energy (wind power, hydraulic power and solar power.

Through this Renewable Energy Programme, children will get to know:

  • Comprehensive scientific development education.
  • Renewable Energy integrates science to our daily lives.
  • Build up a science foundation and apply in daily life.
  • Grasp new skills through hands-on experience.
  • Nurture self-confidence and teamwork.

After the completion of the programme, your children will be certified by St. John’s University.