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Mental Development Program Coming Soon... Suitable for Age 3 to 6



Wonder Sensory Blocks


  • The sensory blocks will make benefit to your children to develop 3 senses skills, vision, touch and hearing.
  • Vision
    Children can develop their vision skills by color mixture between 3 blocks in primary colors which are red, blue and yellow.
  • Touch
    The children will learn the difference of the object by touching.
  • Learning guide
    The children have to touch one of object at a time in the wooden panel which contains soft mirror, different texture of fabric. Then they have to take a guess and grab the block which same surface.
    1. Put all of the block into the little bag
    2. Touch one object surface at a time
    3. Take a guess and grab the block which same surface.
  • Hearing
    Children can develop their hearing skills by shaking the green and orange color blocks. They will learn the different sounds which will bring them excitement.


Suitable for 24m+