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Mental Development Program Coming Soon... Suitable for Age 3 to 6

118 Components118 Components

Manual IncludedManual Included



● There are 10 models including belt driven off-road vehicles and machinery.
● The newly designed belt can make crossing obstacles possible.
● The 28X motor with switch has better torque and faster speed, and can move clockwise and counterclockwise. It is easy and quick to assemble.
● Realistic outer shell designs make the models come alive!
● Requires 2 AA/LR06 batteries – not included.



6 and above


More details:

Build ten wild off-road vehicles and other machines while learning about belt drives, wheels, and tank treads.
A battery-powered motor box powers the models.
● Construct a dune racer with tank treads that rambles over rough terrain.
● Make a four-wheel-drive A.T.V. with a belt drive and high-grip tires.
● Build a scrambling stair-walking machine.
● Set up a fun conveyor belt and make models of a belt sander and bandsaw.
● Assemble a snow scooter with a three-gear tread. In addition, construct models of a snowcat plow and futuristic truck.
A 44-page manual guides your model building and experiments with step-by-step illustrated instructions.