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Water Power

The pioneer of future "Green Energy" - Magic Water!
Allows children to activate the models they build up with air & water even at home!

Featuring :

This kit allows children to work out two different constructions for water- power system - Water-Jet Cars and Hydro-Pneumo Units, to experience power storage and the application to activate vehicles and understand water recycling. Water-Jet Cars are good for playing outdoors while Hydro-Pneumo Units are for both outdoors and indoors.

The 48-page color manual included in this kit illustrates the assembly of each interesting model and the related principles to help children learn through playing.

Compete with your friends to see whose Water-Jet Car or Hydro-Pneumo Car runs the fastest.


  •  Build 15 vehicles propelled by a hydropneumatic motor.
  • Two different systems:
  •    * 5 models with a motor using pressurized water – Ideal for inside use since this system keeps the water in.
  •    * 8 models with a reaction motor using pressurized water – Ideal for outside use since this system releases water.
  •  Includes all parts required for assembly: water tanks, secure pump, nozzle, air-water power pack...
  •  Full colour 48-page instruction sheet with explanation of concept and models.

Age : 8 Years Old and above



2012 iF Product Design Award Winner