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Travelling Around The World

All animals must get to their destination in the Ark ! Arrange the puzzle pieces to ensure that all 10 animals have their feet on the floorboards. Finally everyone is stationed on the boat !

This travel game is a MUST HAVE for your selection! All animals must get to their place in the ark-each side by side, in pairs, so all species stay together. Ensure that all 10 animals have their feet on the floorboards, and that everyone is stationed on the boat!



Booklet with 48 challenges and solutions

folding game board

10 magnetic puzzle pieces



Analytic skill

Logical Thinking



5 years & above

How To Play

1. Choose a challenge from the game guide and place the puzzle piece(s) as shown.


2. Place all other puzzle pieces on the grid inside the ark.

. Puzzle pieces with the same color/animal should be placed with at least one side touching each other.

. You cannot rotate the puzzle pieces. All animals should be placed with their feet on the ground.


3. There is only 1 solution to each challenge. Solutions to all 48 challenges can be found in the back of the booklet.