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Stack it up, one tile at a time!
Do you have an eye for colouful graphics? Colour Code is a unique logic game that challenges players to recreate graphic images by stacking colourful tiles in order.
Featuring 100 challenges, Colour Code seems simple... but quickly you'll find a colourful challenge on your hands!
18 coloured tiles
a practical tile display holder
game guide outlining challenges and solutions
Combination Logic

2 - 5 Years Old
Major! Fun Awards


How To Play

1. Choose one of the 100 challenges in the game guide.


2. Pick the tiles you need and stack them up, one by one, in the tile display holder. Don't forget! You need to think about the shape, colour and the order of the tiles, as well as which way around they need to be in the tile display holder.

. You can only place tiles face up.

. In some challenges you'll also need to use the white base of the tile holder to complete your composition.

. Different tiles with same-colour shapes can be combined to create a new form as each colour appears on two different tiles. Meanwhile, white-coloured shapes combined with the white base can also create a new form. Think laterally when you look at your challenge to figure out exactly which combinations you need.


3. When your composition matches the challenge exactly you've cracked it! Check the solutions at the back of the game guide if you want.