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1.Phinken Parent's Training

Date : 30/6/2018


Venue:  Cube 4, Level 3, Isetan, The Japan Store, Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur


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A Romantic Challenge!

Arrange beautiful hardwood towers and stairs to create the path for a knight and his princess to be reunited! The knight and princess can only walk up stairways or along the top of walls. 
Camelot JR challenges kids to create a path for the knight and his princess to be reunited, using beautiful hardwood towers and stairs. Creating the direct path is a great early tests of spatial dynamics and logic for young children.

Camelot JR offers kids ( and adults) hours of brain-teasing fun, with 48 challenges that range from easy to very difficult!



game rules

booklet with challenges and solutions

hardwood game tray

4 towers

3 stairways

1 bridge 


  • Problem-solving
  • Balancing skill
  • Creativity thinking
4 - 12 Years Old


Super Trophees Flip 2008


How To Play

1. Choose a challenge. Place the red and orange towers as indicated. Don't forget! Where you see a bat you must leave a gap for it in the base of the game.

2. Place the knight and princess in position as directed by your challenge. Use only the blocks shown at the top of the challenge page. Move the remaining blocks out of the way as they must not used to solve the challenge.

3. Create a path for the knight and his princess to be reunited. All possible solutions can be found on the flipside of each challenge.