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Playmate - Learning Cards (12 Booklets)

Logical Game CardsLogical Game Cards


Math is everywhere around us! Learn the basics through storytelling and puzzles!

Knowledge begins from life; knowledge structure from interaction of human and the environment.

The goal of education is to unite life and environment into one body - desiring to take part in it, change it and ultimately create it.


These teaching aids enable the children to learn math in lifelike situations related to their experience.



By using suitable teaching aids, mathematical logic can be studied in a more interesting method.


Various math problems situation are presented in stories. 
In the process of solving problems, children will learn deduction and logical concepts. 



Abstract symbols and concepts are more easily understood,  through the teaching aids couple with life experience and intuition.



From stories, games and teaching aids for the learning 
of mathematical logic and concepts.

Shapes and Geometry

Introduce concepts of shapes through storytelling! The characters will helps your child understand the properties of different shapes and their uses in real life. For example, wheels are round because they can roll smoothly on a flat surface; a shovel is triangular because a sharp edge penetrates more easily into the ground.

Combination of Shapes

Create pictures of real life objects using various combinations of shapes. This activity helps the child relate the use of shapes with objects in daily life.


Playmate - Picture Books ( 12 Books)

Children Logical Cognition Books

Logical Picture BooksLogical Picture Books