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AMIQ Complete Series - 90 Books

Recognition of 3-Dimensional shapes

Develop familiarity with features of 3-dimensional shapes-lenght, width and height-through the use of colourful blocks.

Real Life Situation

Apply learned knowledge to real life surroundings by making appropriate connections.

Critical Thinking

Solve puzzles by applying the basics of logical reasoning: recognising patterns and forming sequential orders.


AMIQ provides a hands-on experience through a variety of themes that incorporate general knowledge, numerical skills, spatial awareness, scientific concepts, geometry and new vocabularies, all of which relate to our daily lives.




Features :

  • Systematic and tailored to ensure activities run from easy to difficult by progressively incorporating learned skills.
  • Able to empower the curiosity of young minds that is essential in developing motivation in self-learning.
  • Inspires creativity and imagination with attractive illustrations and intelligent puzzles.
  • Develop the motor skill and mind thinking simultaneously
  • Develop the logical thinking with the abstract visual ability which lack in our education system.


AMIQ consists of 3 series (Basic Concepts, Comprehensive Series and Advance Thinking, total of 82 books), it is most suitable for children in learning stage especially from age 2-12 years old.

Combining the systematic and thematic learning contents with the easy used gameboard, children will playing with fun without knowing they are thinking and learning at the same time. The cute and attractive illustration will increase furthermore their hunger to learning, and also stimulate the border less imagination and creativity within themselves.

The contents of the 3 series which links up the daily experience or daily matter of the children into the thematic games as an easy guidance for children in learning process.


Series 1 - Basic Conception

A is mainly to stimulate the cognitive concept within the children and to build up the basic of the logical thinking.

B extend the scene from indoor to outdoor, it helps to nurture the thinking ability of the children with the familiar surrounding in daily life.

Series 2 - Comprehensive

C develops the concept of cause and effect together with the good mentality habit to the children. In this stage, the concept of number and quantity is added and blend it into the daily life to gradually lead the children to learning the concept of addition.

D will be let the children to understanding the concept of dot-line-plane and then into the more complicated shapes, thus sharpen the nimble mind in logical and space association.

Series 3 - Logical Advance

E combining the calculation and the variation of the dot-line-plane concept, and together with guidance of the attractive story to let the children to understanding furthermore of the concept of cause and effect. The 5 main logical domain in AMIQ which is LIFE, MATHS, SPACE, CAUSE & EFFECT and VISUAL LOGIC will be all learned until this stage.

F is the advance level which combining every contents in A - E, which it involve multiple complicated thinking and the application of the logical thinking in life. The systematic and gradually learning in the 6 levels of AMIQ build up the foundation of the education and to ease the children in the learning process.