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Fun Learning @ STEM Early Childhood Program















Recognise and Certify by St. John University

Program Features :

  • Open Education & Focus on Hands-On Practice
  • Creativity-Respect Children's Ideas
  • Organized Curriculum, Close to Daily Life and daily application
  • Plenty Activities Teaching Situational Teaching
  • Well Learning Environment Concentration

Develops various abilities:

  • Brain Stimulating with sense of sight and touch
  • Eye-Hand coordination
  • Gross and find motor skills
  • Learning through play and Learning by doing
  • Recognition of color and shape Spatial Concept
  • Inspiration of imagination and culture interest of learning
  • Basic Engineering, Science facts and STEM literacy
  • Concentration,Problem solving,Critical thinking & Self-confidence
  • Enhance Presentation skill, Sharing & Communication, Team Work

Kindergarten / Education Centre Benefits

  • RISK FREE, 0 Investment.
  • Increase the popularity of the center
  • Enhance the ability to compete and stay track in the current trend of education system - STEM Education 4.
  • Able to ease the effort in recruiting/ enrolling new students
  • Good quality and systematic teaching aids 6
  • Easy to operate
  • Availability of teachers' training program


We provide COMPLETE Plan for you.

  • Classroom Planning Advice
  • Systematic Quarterly Teachers Training
  • Teacher Lesson Plan 
  • Systematic Lesson with all teaching Tools for Age 4, 5 and 6
  • 3 years lessons 
  • Provide Marketing Tools (Flyer, Banner and Bunting)