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A Truckload of FUN!

A wooden game that evolves with your child growing skills.

Can you assemble a car? The model remains the same but the car construction plans get more and more difficult!

Is your car ready?Let's go for a test drive! But don't forget to keep your eyes on the road.


Contents :

booklet with 48 challenges

4 colourful wooden blocks

wooden car chassis


Age :

3 Year Old and Above


Develops :

  • Colour & Shape Recognition
  • Balancing skill
  • Gross Motor skill


Awards :

Fun Award Meisjesspeelgoed 3-6 jaar 2011

Genomineerd Speelgoed Van het jaar Nederland 2011

Parents Choice Silver Award

Speelgoed van het jaar Beigie 2011

The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval


How To Play

1. Place the four blocks next to the car's chassis and choose a challenge from the challenge booklet:


2. Build the car using the four coloured blocks to match the colours shown in the challenge:

. The shape of the car is always the same, but you must place the blocks differently each time.

. All blocks must be used.

. The car's "windscreen" must always feature the car's two big eyes! No other eyes must be visible, so make sure you hide them!

. Only the colours on some parts of the car are shown. The white squares indicate the colours not revealed (EXPERT & MASTER level)


3. The single, correct solution is on the reverse side of the challenge.



. There are many more ways to build this shape of car with these four blocks than you might first imagine! Blocks can be used in any orientation: horizontally or vertically.

. When the challenges are still too hard to solve, you can ignore the rule about the position of the car's eyes (2c).