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•Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner 2016 (USA)

•Spiel Gut (Germany 2017)•Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner 2016 (USA) •Spiel Gut (Germany 2017)

Explore the jungle. Find the animals

Discover a new world of Jungle animals!

Can you find the Asian jungle animals shown on your challenge and hide all the others? Featuring 80 challenges and a double-sided game board, Jungle Hide & Seek is like two games in one: the “day” side features a 4-grid game and the “night” side features more difficult challenges in one big grid.



Problem Solving skills

Strategic Planning

Visual & Spatial Perception

Condition Logic Thinking



3 - 6

How To Play




Choose a challenge.



Place the 4 puzzle pieces on the game board, to hide all animals - except the ones pictured in your challenge, which remain in the open.




There is only one solution per challenge.