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Are you ready to embark on an undercover jungle safari?

Safari Hide & Seek is the fun and exciting single-player brainteaser game where in each brain-teasing logic game, you must arrange the four jungle pieces on the animal-filled game board so that only the animals shown in the challenge booklet remain seen and the rest of the animals are hidden by the jungle pieces.

Place the 4 puzzle pieces on the board in such a way that all animals are hidden, except the ones in the challenge. Logic game with 48 different challenges from easy to extremely difficult. Easy to use with storage compartment for the puzzle pieces, game rules, challenges and solutions.



game board

4 puzzle pieces

booklet with challenges ans solutions



Condition Logic Thinking

Analytic skill



5 Years Old and Above


How To Play

1. Choose a challenge from the new game guide and count how many of each animal are shown.

2. Pick 4 playing pieces and arrange them on the game board so that all anaimals are covered except the ones pictured in your challenge. There will always be 1 playing piece left over that you won't use.

3. There is only 1 solution per challenge. Solutions to all 60 challenges can be found at the end of this game guide.