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Can you shed some light on the dark?

Day & Night is a fun-filled game of logic that evolves in step with your child’s growing skills. Kids arrange and stack the pieces to match the challenges on the included challenge booklet. Just as night follows day, the "day" challenges provide a great start that gradually build up to the more advanced "night" challenges.

With Day and Night preschoolers can shed some light on the dark! This unique, wooden logic game challenges young children to use high quality wooden blocks to recreate images shown on challenge cards. 24 "Day" challenges are easier, as the colors of the shapes to be replicated are shown. "Night" challenges are more difficult, as only the silhouettes are shown.

Prize WonPrize Won

Contents :

Cards with 48 challenges

wooden base

10 colorful wooden blocks


Age :

2 - 5 Years


Develop :

  • Concentration
  • Language
  • Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Visual Perception
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skill

Awards :
Main Prize Winner “A child’s Friendly World” 2010
Superproduct 2009
Grand Prix 2011 Best product on Toy Fair Prague
Seal of Excellence 2011


How to Play.....


Step 1

Choose a challenge according to the player’s age.



Step 2

Arrange the playing pieces to construct the scene shown on your challenge which is either in detail or only in outline, according to the skill level of your challenge card.



Step 3

Compare it carefully to the scene shown on your challenge card: it should match it exactly!